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 How to get a driving license in Almere ?
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 How to get a drivers licence in the Netherlands ?
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 Manual or automatic
There's a manual and automatic car in the company. You can always start with the automatic driving license and later on finish it with the manual license. The theory exam is valid for 18 months so this can be done within this one period.
 How to get a Dutch theory test and pass ?
Other students told me that studying with their partner from the regular Dutch book worked better than the English book which isn't translated very well. The Dutch DMV has English tests.

 Experience with expats
Driving instructor Mike has given driving educations for several English speakers in the near past. People from GB, USA, but also from Poland, Italy, etc. If you're a (near) native speaker, you'll be allright.

 How to get a Dutch driving license ?
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 Advantages driving license
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